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Edit Default BIOS Settings in before building the ROM 6 0 No Replies
APU2/APU3 wifi performance benchmark 98 1
Last Reply 31 Hours Ago by Luc De Louw
New website with PC Engines apuX firmware releases 691 24
Last Reply 2 Days Ago by BN82
Compex WLE900VX only recognized after cold start (power cycle) 21 0 No Replies
ESXi 6.5.0 crashes when trying to run the installer (APU2C4) 8844 17
Last Reply 4 Days Ago by mikeboss
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AMD Cryptographic Coprocessor (CCP) 68 1
Last Reply Apr 17th by sebastian_de
Recommended LTE modem for APU3 349 1
Last Reply Apr 16th by ZwaZo
Hdd disconnection? 304 4
Last Reply Apr 15th by kenocs
Mounting holes for APU2 board: Dimensions ? 527 4
Last Reply Apr 13th by Paolo Delmastro
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APU2c4 and serial connection garbage in console 572 5
Last Reply Apr 12th by hairyhenderson
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Checklist of Jollyhers trendy cheap women dresses for spring 24 0 No Replies
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APU2C4: How to install OpenWRT 3547 10
Last Reply Apr 9th by sebastian_de
Shutdown/power off - pin out voltages 53 0 No Replies
Simpler way to install Debian 8.5.0 on APU 2146 5
Last Reply Apr 8th by binaryanomaly

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